Sue Vasey Consultancy will aim to put an organisation in a position where it is in a position to make informed decisions about its future development., support client organisations to secure appropriate funding and ensure the organisation is aware of its current strengths and limitations and make recommendations for taking the organisation forward following consultations with all relevant stakeholders

  • Project planning – setting and agreeing on realistic parameters about what can be achieved
  • Review of finances, governance, business planning, human resources, sustainability, quality assurance, partnerships and networks
  • Seeking the answers to key questions:
    • How have you identified which areas fo the service to grow and develop?
    • Is the organisation currently in a position to grow and develop new services?
    • Is this possible within current resources, both physical and human?
    • How will the growth be sustained over the longer term, ie, charging for services, contract arrangements etc?
    • How will the proposed new or expanded service be marketed with key referrers and stakeholders?
    • Is there the opportunity for partnership working as part of this growth and change process?
    • Will additional training and support be required for trustees, staff and volunteers?